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The Miranda Foundation exercises the concept of strategic philanthropy by directing its efforts to deal with the underlying root of problems, not their symptoms, as well as to address issues of significant relevance to make the greatest possible difference. This approach encourages the foundation to be proactive in identifying the problems and institutions with which it wishes to collaborate and engage in a thoughtful dialogue and investor/donor relationship. The Foundation; therefore, discourages receiving and reviewing unsolicited proposals.


The Foundation has always opted for philanthropy to create social change that fosters a healthier, more productive and just society. It has prioritized bold and innovative projects that break barriers, illustrate new, sustainable models and that, in many cases, have not previously received support from other funders and foundations.

The Miranda Foundation adheres to the concept of strategic philanthropy characterized by its focus on directing its efforts towards the underlying root of the problem, rather than the symptom. The Foundation has a history of successful collaborations and partnerships with other foundations and consortiums, especially those in interdisciplinary projects. Among them are: 


Filantropía Puerto Rico

Fundacion Comunitaria de Puerto Rico 

Fundación Flamboyán y Fondo Flamboyán para las Artes

Fundación Segarra Boerman e Hijos, Inc.

Colaborativo PR (Puerto Rico Donors Education Collaborative)

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