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In these difficult times that we are facing in Puerto Rico, solidarity is the most powerful resource to achieve the social changes we so desperately need.

About Us

We place special emphasis on values like equality, justice, honesty and respect towards diversity with the main objective of advancing the common good.
MIRANDA Foundation is a founding member and board member of the Red de Fundaciones.

   El Premio a la Solidaridad (The Solidarity Award) was the Miranda Foundation’s emblematic project. It was awarded annually since 2003 until 2017 to non-profit organizations in Puerto Rico that have excelled in putting into practice the principle of solidarity and its values, demonstrating their ability to unite individuals, groups, and communities for the common good.


You can access more information through redsolidaridad.org.




   Since its founding 15 years ago the Solidarity Award has recognized organizations and social movements that promote solidarity, social change and build heterogeneous alliances among those who work to achieve the common good. Solidarity drives us because it forces us to leave our comfort zones to embrace the needs and struggles of others. It unifies our diverse efforts to face our most difficult challenges, together.      


   Solidarity is the foundation for the principles articulated in the Declaration of Universal Human Rights and in the World Human Rights Conference of 1993, which affirms social, economic and cultural rights.  



   The organizations that have been awarded the Solidarity Award, 2003-2017, stand out for being the kind of organizations and projects that Puerto Rico needs in order to create a more just society.


   “We espouse a universal message that transcends and incites us to contemplate the real importance of solidarity and human rights. We believe in endorsing these fundamental, indivisible, interrelated values to develop a civic society more engaged with and committed to its immediate social circumstances,” declared Lourdes R. Miranda, president of Miranda Foundation and creator of the Solidarity Award.


   The process of selecting organizations for the Solidarity Award is unique and has been emulated by other organizations. The Foundation’s advisory board is comprised of social and community leaders who conduct in depth site visits to candidates as an integral part of selecting the winners. 


   As Janice Petrovich, a member of the Foundation’s board of directors, says, “The Miranda Foundation does an exceptional job by “discovering” some of these organizations, many of which are small in size but significant in their impact. Time has proven the success of the selection process as it increases the influence and impact of the winners in subsequent years.”






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