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   Miranda Foundation stems from the vision, the experiences and the values of its founder, Lourdes R. Miranda, who served as a prominent Puerto Rican businesswoman in Washington, DC, and for years has dedicated her life to the Foundation in Puerto Rico.


   Since its beginnings in 1992, Miranda Foundation, just like its founder, has been a pioneer in its way of thinking and granting donations -in fact, the Foundation uses the phrase “social investment” instead of “donations” -  transcending social and cultural frontiers by supporting transnational projects, community organizations and other non-profits in the areas of social justice, women’s rights, human rights, as well as culture and the arts.

Lourdes R. Miranda

   In Puerto Rico, Miranda Foundation has collaborated with more than 250 non-governmental organizations to promote new methods of unity and the important values that make up solidarity, like love, well-being, compassion, empathy, equity, honesty, justice, respect, tolerance towards diversity and compromise as tools for genuine understanding among human beings.


   Miranda Foundation participates actively in the Foundation Network of Puerto Rico (Red de Fundaciones). The Network exists to increase direct action and strengthen strategic collaboration within the philanthropic sector to optimize the work of non-profit organizations.

   Upon returning to her native country in 2002, Lourdes Miranda founded the Solidarity Award to honor those who struggle to unite us as a response to the increasing social fragmentation we suffer in these times. The annual award recognizes community-based organizations or groups and coalitions integrated in social movements for their work in bringing people and communities together with a sense of purpose towards a common end.

   This 2017, with more a history of over 1,000 nominations and 66 awards, we commemorate fifteen years of recognizing and applauding the work of hundreds of organizations, citizens and movements which promote solidarity and multi-sectorial alliances daily in their search for the common good. To these, the award founder, Lourdes R. Miranda, calls “Points of Light,” because they are the ones who place the collective good before the individual and, through their actions, influence the rest of society to embrace the value of solidarity.

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